Friday, August 5, 2011

So close to finishing this chair

I'm so darn close to having  a finished chair. SO CLOSE. In fact, the chair is now in my house-but still missing a cushion. Here's what I did yesterday. First, I covered the cushions in dacron.
Then I stitched the dacron -by hand- together.

Then I hand stitched the last few parts of the chair (along the sides and the back). This took me about...4 hours. And the whole time I was doing this, my teacher, Kathi, was sewing a cushion for me. I mean I'm still going to take credit for it, but she did it and it's perfect. Kathi agreed to work on the last cushion for me and then it will be done. Here's the heart breaking part. It just doesn't fit in my house.I even tried to move a loveseat out and this chair in, and it just didn't work. Grace cried when I told her we were going to give it to uncle Mike.
 Soon I will post the after picture! Soon! And then send it on to Mike's house :(

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Every day I think THIS will be the day I can present the AFTER for the chair

Today is not the after for the chair. I went up to upholstery class last Wednesday, it started with the teacher's tiny dog biting my legs over and over. Not a good start. She put the dog away and let me stay to work for a while. At this point, it looks like I'm *almost* done, but I'm not, So Wednesday, I put burlap and dacron on the arm of the chair and then the welt cording and fabric. We finished the actual cover of the chair, but we still needed to work on hand sewing the arm fabric, putting the stuff on the bottom (I can't remember what it's called) and finishing the cushions. Before I could work on the cushions, we measured and I came up ONE YARD short. So frustrating. So I took my bruised up, bitten legs home

I went back to Denver Fabrics to try to find more of the $1 per yard monkey fabric so I could finish my cushions and they were out. Which didn't really surprise me. However, I found a really cute coordinating fabric (brown with pink dots) for $5 per yard. I got 2 yards and plan to do the cushions with one side of that and one side of monkey fabric. I think this was for the best as all monkey fabric is a lot of monkies. I head back up Thursday! Maybe THAT will be the day I finish this chair! Until then, enjoy these progress pictures: