Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mismatched Chairs


We have this spectacular, huge, old table. When looking for chairs, I wanted a mismatched look. This seems almost too simple of an idea to make it a "tutorial", but when I posted these for free on craigslist, I got an overwhelming response. They were gone in about 30 minutes. When I responded to those that it was too late, a few of them replied that they were disappointed. I told them how they could do it themselves, they said they hadn't thought of it.

How can that be? Maybe some people don't love goodwill as much as me. Actually, all these chairs came from Mile High Thrift at Sheridan and Evans. This place looks incredibly scary from the outside but has the BEST stuff.

So here are the chairs:
Normally, they're around the dining room table, but they were placed out on the curb for the criagslist add. Here's the tutorial:
1. Get 4 mismatched chairs from a thrift store (try not to pay more than $7 per chair)
2. Try to get them all roughly the same height (see how the short one throws things off a bit?)
3. Get a high gloss spray paint in a color you like-I think I used about 2 cans per chair.