Monday, June 25, 2012

How to stay cool in Denver: Don't be in Denver

First of all, I think I'm having a Flowers for Algernon moment with my Spanish. I practice my absolutely terrible Spanish whenever I can and Julia is my greatest teacher-I speak Spananglish to her almost daily. I went for one week without the opportunity to talk to her and just in one week found myself rusty. Well, moving to Korea I can just see all 10 of my Spanish words starting to vanish.

On to today. Oh this heat. It's been 103 for days! Julia and I packed a picnic lunch and piled the kids into the minivan and headed to the mountains. The kids got antsy around Georgetown (roughly 30 minutes in the car) so we pulled over and set up our picnic by the lake. We ate! They drew! They played tag!
Here are some pictures of today....
Look how NOT hot they look

Julia and August discussing current events

August checking Ruby's work

David, getting out the art supplies

Children playing tag in the mountains rather than melting in Denver

August thinking about all those hot people in Denver. "Oh, Snap!"

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