Tuesday, May 22, 2012

flowey dress

Well, my fav store Fancy Tiger was having a 50% off sale on rayon cotton fabric. It's SO beautiful. I picked the most beautiful one for a dress. Using what I learned from experience and Improv Sewing, I went to work. From my practice run on shirts from Goodwill, I learned that if the fabric isn't really stretchy, my pattern would be too small. So I grabbed a dress out of my closet and laid it out. 

See the dress here, next to the beautiful fabric (wrong side out, so you can't really tell)

Then I folded the dress in half, lengthwise and laid my pattern that I made from my Gap T over it. See the difference?

My apprentice worked hard too

I took note that the difference between my pattern and my black dress was about from my fingertip to palm and cut accordingly.

Here's the cut.

I added sleeves. Cutting generously around the pattern as I had done with the body of the dress.

Here's how it looks. Eeeew. Not my style. 

Here it is with a belt. It looks much better, but the last 2 dresses I've made have been this shape and worn with this belt-and I'm no one trick pony!

I decided to re-think the style. How could I take this gorgeous fabric and make this dress wearable? I've noticed a trend in hemlines recently-short in front and long in back. That was one easy fix.

I put the dress on, cut a small slit in the center of the front right about where I wanted the hem to go up to. I took the dress off, turned it inside out and cut a gradual line from where I had made the cut, gradually going outward, down the the side seams.

Additionally, I cut off the sleeves and added cute ties and a matching wrap around and around and around belt. Here's the final result. So flowey and pretty!

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