Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goodwill Outlet

Well. There's a back way to Costco from my house. It's a road that goes by the Platte River and by several factories (including a brick factory!). One day a new sign caught my eye.

I googled it to see what this meant. It means what you think it means: all that stuff that doesn't sell at goodwill ends up here. In these bins:

Hats in with sheets in with sweaters in with shoes. It's crazy. AND you pay by the pound!

I decided to check it out with a specific purpose-another project from my new book Improv Sewing. The "armies" project looked so easy that I had to try it and figured I could find a sweater for super cheap at the outlet.
I dug through the bins and found a plain black sweater from Old Navy. The total came to $1.02. I know it's a bargain, but I kind of feel like I could have found the same deal with less work on a 50% off day at the regular thrift store. Just saying.

Now on to the "armies"
Super easy. I cut off the sleeves, blanket stitched up the ends, cut holes for my thumbs and put them on. That's it. Because of the material (you know, Old Navy sweater material) I think they could be better, but they look pretty good and on a chilly day like today, they're perfect!

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