Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oscar de la Renta inspired skirt

Here's an inspiration. This is from the March 2012 InStyle magazine. This is an Oscar De La Renta dress. I was planning on making a knock-off skirt. I did a skirt because I'm not sure I need a fancy lace dress.

I went to Denver Fabrics and bought a variety of lace and some muslin. I didn't want my dress in white, so I dyed it all in my washing machine with a pink Rit Dye. I wanted a light pink, but the store only had dark pink. Not surprisingly, each fabric took the dye differently.

 I cut the muslin into an A-line skirt using the Barcelona Skirt pattern.

I laid out the lace and determined where it would look best. Then I sewed the lace to the muslin. I started with the front panel, which was a bit of a mistake. By the time I got to the top layers of the skirt I determined that the lace looked best when I attached it folded (and sewed the raw edges of the lace to the muslin, leaving the folded edge exposed. So....the back does look a little better than the front.

Finished skirt! Ta-Da!

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